Monday, January 21, 2008

Politically correct.... Lesbian phone sex

Because I can, and it's funny......

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Saturday, January 19, 2008


I started with adventure in blogging with some naiveness, in that I thought I could just put up my writings and go about my way. . . . but after posting my first one, I found myself actually wanting to dig deeper. Not necessarily just with my writings, but to delve into what eroticism is to others, & what truly turns us on. While researching 'erotic blogs', i came across many interesting writings. Some were more factual, while others were very opinionated. The following writing, if you will are more a collection of thoughts I had during my internet search.

What makes a woman so irresistible??????
     The mere presence of a woman, has the ability to leave one so intoxicated. Buy why? is it their beautiful, natural curves, or their sensual touch? Maybe it's their luring smile, or their ability to seduce with just their eyes. It has to be be their hearts that can love so passionately, or their minds that are strong and loaded with intellect. I am not sure......

     Being who I am, and loving the every meaning of a woman, I do know that females have the ability to be the very essence of sex, their beings are the root of our (my) craving to sex. A woman can be so mystifying, alluring and addicting. . . Be they the seductress, the vixen, an enchantress, a charmer or a siren - they are the goddess of sex, and should be worshipped accordingly.

     When I close my eyes, and imagine how laying with another woman feels, and how it all makes me feel - I find my head swirling. I imagine the touch for their skin soft,and sensual. I smell the scent of their being, so utterly intoxicating.  I don't know that anyone will ever crack the mysteries of sex appeal, but I am confident in knowing that purity of love & sex from another woman is pure fulfillment, and all we seek in intimacy. 

While cruising the internet, I found some phrases, I will like to share with everyone at this point.....

-  My heart craves the kiss of your love, my soul thirsts for the most intimate embrace of joining me to you - 
                                                           -  Saint Gertude
-  Your Sweet wine has driven me mad and you have imprisoned me with you breast - 
                                                           -   ohannes

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Welcome!! like thinkers to my World

I started writing my own erotic stories and proses not too long ago. These stories come from a place deep within where i keep everything I find beautiful, sexi, erotic to me, not only as a butch/boi, but as female who turned on by the sexuality of women. My hope with this blog to create an enjoyable and arousing place for others as well, and to help in chipping away at the awful reality termed 'The Bed-death'.

Here is my first post - Enjoy!!!

Your Pearl ~
  Under my touch,
  Under my tongue